Company Mission

Mission Statement 

Community Tracking Services started in 2013 with a simple goal, to help businesses and organizations track progress for participants’ journeys through various programs and grants. We provide a valuable mix of data collection services required by many federal sponsors including subject tracking, data entry, and monitoring of data collections goals and objectives. We assume the responsibility for these tasks so you can focus your energy on other essential projects. CTS strives to complement your efforts to ensure project success.

Company Vision

Data collection is time-consuming and requires an intense amount of attention. Most importantly, CTS focuses on data collection to maintain records throughout a subject’s advancement through programs. CTS is a local, mobile entity, offering help to gather information for grant recipients. Many grants require an 80% or higher tracking rate. This can be very difficult given that subjects can move around the city, state, or become homeless leaving only a next of kin as a resource for finding them. Think of CTS as the “feet on the street” going into communities to record the necessary data for tracking progression. We maintain an 80% or better tracking rate with all of our clients. We know substance abuse is a rampant epidemic in our culture right now. We specialize in working with organizations like the Center for Substance Abuse Treatment (CSAT) to help track subjects’ journeys toward recovery. Following up with various subjects going through treatment programs is labor-intensive and not everyone has the bandwidth to handle the task. That’s where Community Tracking Services take over.

While substance abuse tracking is an enormous cornerstone for us, we maintain the ability to sublet out any kind of data collection an organization or business might need. Think of us as the Tylenol to your headache when it comes to conducting research. We use focus groups and tailored methods for data collection and know getting accurate information requires surveying the best people instead of just the most.