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Taking the data collection burden off of organizations by providing data collection services including data entry and subject tracking, so you put your focus on other essential tasks.

About Community Tracking Services

CTS started in 2013 as the passion of founder and owner. Princess Jennings. The goal was simple, to help organizations sublet out the hassle of data collecting. Data collection and data entry is incredibly difficult and time-consuming. Community Tracking Services specializes in going to find data and entering it. Collecting data can be challenging when dealing with transient and high-risk subjects which is where CTS excels. We are known for maintaining an 80% or better follow-up rate.

Our team is in the community gathering data, generating vital reports, and making sure you have the information you need. We follow strict federal guidelines for our work, so you can count on the quality of information you receive. We’re here to serve you as the premier data collection team in the area.

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How We Help

Community Tracking Services provides an array of services to help with any information collecting project.

Data Collection

Community Tracking Services offers unparalleled data collection services. We collect necessary data on subjects based on client needs for various programs to help measure demographics, improvements, and goals.

Subject Tracking

Tracking subjects can be one of the most difficult tasks an organization faces. That’s where the CTS team steps in to go into the community and track down essential information.

In-Depth Reporting

CTS follows strict guidelines for collecting and reporting information. Our team works diligently to put together reports on how subjects are progressing. Using specified Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), we can measure subjects’ success in the system, so grant recipients are always up-to-date.

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